The Hype

The hype about growing old… Where does it come from, how do we know what to be, why to be it, and how to be it?…. I think it is more life getting pushed off a cliff and hoping you fly.

With being a sophomore in college I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to be a nurse, help children with illnesses, be a great health care professional and volunteer at medical camps. But when mailing those final pieces of to nursing school admissions offices, something changed. Questions like what if I don’t like being a nurse, what if I suck at being a nurse, what if I hate it in 10 years, started popping up into my mind.

WHAT IF-  Probably two of the scariest, life changing, worst words you can ask yourself when trying to figure out your future. But seriously, who decided that right out of high school a person, kid may I add, is supposed to know what to do with their lives and to pick a major that affects the whole rest of their life, which hopefully will be 50+ years. That one decision can decide where you live, who you are as a person, who you meet, your friends, if you find your soul mate, what you do for fun, how stressful/adventurous your life is, and much much more! So who came up with the brilliant idea that an 18-year-old is capable and mature enough to decide a major factor that shapes the rest of their lives with minimal preparation.

There is the so-called “correct given path”. This path that you are supposed to follow will lead you to your correct life, occupation, family, and wealth, but how do we know we are on the correct path? I think there are multiple paths and all lead to greatness as long as you put your whole heart into it.  How to decide which path to follow is the real question. There are so many options and available opportunities. Life is so long and you don’t what to live with the regret of choosing one path over another, so how do you choose. This is where our culture is flawed. We live for so long but we rush, rush, and rush some more to become an adult but we don’t spend near enough time exploring ourselves and who we are, not who we think we should be. Our culture is so focused on getting that degree as quick as possible, getting into that job, and finding that soul mate but not enough time is spent exploring the world, finding all of our soul mates, and most importantly FINDING YOURSELF. 

So the point of this blog to explore and hopefully find myself and which path fits me best. But I do know that

54676582946192387_1B0b3ush_bwhich ever path I choose I will but my whole heart into it because like my good friend says the time will pass anyways; might as well put it to its best use 😉





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