My So Called “Disability”

The week before a new semester starts is always stressful… Getting all your supplies together, buying college book, remembering buildings and rooms and such. Well to add to that I have to go and meet with Boise States Disability Resource Center. Most would ask now why would you need that? Well, in my eyes, and most others I don’t have what most would call a disability.

I have type 1 juvenile diabetes and for most people who don’t know what that means: my body doesn’t produce insulin and I have to give it to myself.

So, for a new semester starting I have to go down to the disabilities office at my university and have them write out contracts for my professors to sign in case of any diabetic emergencies during class or an exam. For me I think it is totally annoying, I hate feel in like i have an excuse for everything or am different from everybody else. My professors are totally cool with helping me out and everything though. But this is what I did all day Friday, sit in an office and explain my issues to a disabilities counselor so these forms could be ready for my first day of school on Tuesday.

After that I finished off my transfer applications to Loyola Marymount University and University of Southern California! Both schools are for athletic training and pre-physical therapy!  So we will see how that goes! CAN’T WAIT!


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