The Ultimate Fight

Every body has their ultimate fight, many even multiple fights. Their fight of a disease, for their dreams, for their family. There are many reasons you might have to fight. What is your fight for?

The title is a little misleading because I  have no “Ultimate Fight” but many smaller fights.

I fight for many reasons but mainly I fight for a future in whatever I want it to be, which is still to be decided.

College and getting an education is a huge thing to fight for! I know whatever I choose to do with my future learning and education will always be included. With a new semester starting I am reminded how much I love to learn and being educated.  Fight to be educated!!  Not everybody in the world has the right to be educated! So don’t miss out on that opportunity! It might be a challenge, it might be expensive, it might stress you out, but DON’T MISS OUT ON IT! EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

Secondly, I fight for my health! Health is something people take for granted. In other countries people die from things with think as not that big of deal, like the chicken pocks! Fitness and your health are both a big deal to living a long and healthy life! So when it comes to taking the elevator or  the stairs, choose the later. The fried chicken or the sandwich choose the sandwich. I know I’m not perfect but I try hard to not be the worsts. One time my doctor asked me “Taylor, do you know what it like to have diabetes in Haiti?” Me “Nope” Doctor “Well let me tell you. There is no Juvenile Diabetes, they al die. There isn’t insulin down there to control your blood sugars. They all die a painful death.” This may or may not be a little bit dramatic but either way it effected my immensely! I took insulin for granted but  not everybody has it. So, I fight for my health, as should you!

Lastly The Ultimate Fighter Season 17 starts tonight on Fuel TV and I am super super stoked!!! Team Jones or Team Sonnen! I am still undecided! I have met them both and have hung out with both so how do I choose between two of my friends??



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