Chemistry 111

So, what is Chemistry? Of course we all know that chemistry is how elements react together, but I mean what is real chemistry?

I believe there is chemistry within every aspect of our lives. Chemistry to me is how things react together. You have chemistry with your mom, dad, brother, lover. How do you work together; explosive reaction, just fizzle, combined to make something greater? When you think about it every combination matters and creates a result. Do you like those results?

There is chemistry in everyday activities as well, how you react with school, a job, your family, under stress. Everything has an effect on you and everything is a relationship wither it be a good or bad. Any obstacle you face is chemistry, your reaction to the reactant. Diabetes is chemistry. Finding the right balance between sugar and insulin.


Everybody knows about the chemistry between you and a significant other. How is it measured, what is our chemistry, why do we have good chemistry compared to that other person?


So, there is a point to this. I am in my Chem 111 lecture and I don’t understand it 😦 Moral of the story I don’t have chemistry with actual scientific chemistry.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 10.31.16 AM


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