18 Facts about Taylor

Here are 18 totally random but awesome facts about me!

18. I am afraid of the dark, like it’s seriously bad!

17. I hate the flavor vanilla, except in my Starbucks latte, which I am addicted too.

16. My younger brother is my best friend, he knows everything, I mean EVERYTHING.

15. I graduated early from high school and jumped right into college.

14. I was addicted to ice. Like I always have it in my hand or in my mouth. My mom thought I had an issue as a child.

13. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers but most people don’t know that.

12. I love elephants! They are by far the coolest animal ever!

11. I want to adopt a baby from Africa and live in Africa for at least a year.

10. I’ve never made friends easily. Even to this day most of my friends will say “I didn’t like you at first, you were a complete bitch”.

9. I am pretty tall for a girl 5’10”

8. I am convinced I will be famous or marry someone famous.

7. I spend most of my time watch netflix and on my computer and I love it but I hate being alone…

6. I know trust is supposed to be one of the most natural emotions but I don’t trust anyone. I trust very very few. And to gain my trust is quite a long process.

5. I hate being touched. I hate hugging people. I like my own space.

4. I have never been in a super serious intimate relationship due to the previous 2 facts.

3. My eyes change color. Seriously they go from yellow to green to dark dark brown. It’s quite freaky.

2. I call my father by his first name, Lloyd. Strange I know, but over the years our relationship has evolved to that it is not out of disrespect but a bond.

1. I have three tattoos that most people have no idea about (they’re all on my feet) and I plan to get many more.

0. Shush I know there’s now 0 in a countdown but just wait there is a purpose to this. I am a type one diabetic and have been for 18 years. This used to be one of the biggest facts about me, at least I thought. Now I am realizing that it isn’t a fact about me. I have many many other more important attributes. Diabetes has made me strong and shaped me but it is not me. I for awhile now have been dealing with how hard it is and how bad it sucks and referring to myself as ‘broken’. It took a good friend of mine getting upset and saying to my face “You’re not broken and stop saying that it pisses me off!” For me to realize she is right.

So moral of the story: Whatever you might be battling there are a thousand other facts about you that are way more important and predominant! Don’t let the shitty stuff hold you down, you are not broken, you are beautiful!!



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