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My Sweet Bitches: Great bonding experiences to have with your best friends

Friendships are the same throughout your whole life. We all grow up and learn how to deal with them with more maturity (some of us) and seriousness behind them. Friendships are of the utmost intimacy. You talk about everything, heartbreak, love, death, embarrassing moments, the hardest decisions of your life, and much much more. They are ever changing. Some are there for the long haul and others are just there for a phase. Whatever it may be you best make the best opportunity to make it memorable. It will only come around once. Here are some of the top most memorable things, to date, that I have done with some of my closest friends:

1: Come up with a group name. We are the Sweet Bitches. By creating a name for you and your closets friends you are making it more memorable. You create a secret club and making it an elite group. Only so many people make it into the Sweet Bitches and understand al the inside jokes.

2: Drink and watch the classics! Like Mean Girls or Juno. Nothing brings about a great night of reminiscing about the old days, connecting them to the new, and repeating every line in a movie like watching an old movie with your best friends.

3: Find something that makes each of you unique. Everyone in your group has a different attribute they bring to each individual friendship and the relationship of the group. Make sure to be aware of that. It’s what makes your group and group. That sole factor can make or break the intimacy of the group. Pay attention to those attributes. They are more important than you could ever imagine.

4: Drink wine until you cry and talk until 7 in the morning. Trust me, even as emotional as that night may be it will bring you so much closer. Just the sole factor of feeling classy by drinking wine and reaching that new level on a friendship will make the lack of sleep and potential hangover at work or class the next day so worth it.

5: All spend the night in one room or living room. Some f the best nights you’ll have is all spent in the same room giggling and talking. That can be having a ridiculous number of people in one bed and cuddling or all sprawled out on the floor. Either way you’ll be creating memories you’ll never forget. And I must say, cuddling with your best friends is one of the best things ever.

6: Get in a group message together. You never really know each other until you have 24/7/365 constant group contact. Some of the great jokes, pictures, and things said will never be forgotten.

7: Lastly always pay attention to everyone in the group. Sometimes one of you might be more emotional or needing more love than another and it is your duty as a member of the group to notice everyone individually as well. This is kind of an addition to #3 and a life lesson combined. But seriously it is bound important to sleep remember each relationship along with the group.

Remember these times will go fast! Don’t miss them!



Resolutions are for the Weak Minded

How many people do you know that on January 1st say all of the cliched “I’m giving up drinking”, “I’m gong to start working out” “…eat healthier”,”…write in a journal”,”….blah,blah,blah….”  Well, how weak minded of them to think that they need the start of a new year to achieve any of their extreme dramatic goals. Our goals can start at any point, we don’t need a specific date like the first of a new year to become the person we want to be.

Do you know how many firsts there are in the year? Lets break it down

1 1st of the year

12 1sts of the months

52 1sts of the weeks

365 1sts of the days (366 if its a leap year)

So if you need a legitimate “1st of something” to start up a new workout program, challenge, job, life goal, ect. I just gave you over 400 of them. However if you’re really dedicated to the new you, you shouldn’t need a “1st”!

You are strong enough to do it right now! Put down that cookie, look up the closest gym, grab a piece of paper. Start whatever you are putting off right now, you can do it!!!

Some people say that is takes 21 days to form a habit but I think that if your goals are strong enough it will just be your shear drive that will keep you going on throughout the days. Put the gym in your schedule everyday, make a meal plan every night, set a reminder to write in a journal everyday, or say hello to the first person you see at the coffee shop every morning. Everyday you will be one step closer to meeting your goals and being that better person. By the end of it you won’t remember if you started on the 1st of January or if it was in the middle of the year, if it was a Monday or a Thursday. All you will remember is that you transformed into a newer better you. You took that major step that you needed to take and now you are someone you are proud of. You were strong enough to make your goal or resolution. You are amazing!

Now what are you waiting for?! GO OUT AND START!!! ❤

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My Dave Obsession

The past view weeks I have been insanely obsessed with listening to Dave Matthews!!! Don’t ask me my favorite song because honesty it changes hourly. Between: Too Much, American Baby, Gaucho, Grey Street, and If Only, my day is ever revolving sets of emotions and contemplations. So moral of why this is happening: I’M GOING TO THE GORGE AND BUYING MY TICKET IN THE MORNING!!!

Secondly I got my letter yesterday that I have been selected to be in an 3 hour interview for nursing school in Oregon!!! This is really a curveball because just at the beginning of this week I changed my major (again) to something different. I am again go to reiterate that life in America has too many choices. How do you know what to do with life????

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First Week of a New Semester

So it’s been a little over a week from my last post. Sorry for that:) This semester seems like it’s going to be killer!!

This semester I only have 14 credits or 4 classes with a lab. This is my smallest course load this far but it seems like it will be my hardest. I am taking Chem 111 (General College Chemistry) and Lab, Bio 228 (Part 2 of Human Anatomy), University foundations 300, and Adolescent Developmental Psychology. My Chemistry class and lab are seeming like they will be the hardest which sucks.

For my University Foundations class it is about how to market yourself to the professional work, so I have an ePortfolio in the process of being finished! Go check it out 🙂  *Remember it is a work in progress so don’t be to rough on it but I would love feedback!!

Human Anatomy is killing me with all the memorization but I know I can do it, cause I passed with an A last semester and I was taking 18 credits!

The Disability Resource Center screwed me over last week. With being diabetic I have to get all my professors to sign agreements acknowledging my disease and extraordinary absences, but since my lab only allows one absence and my UF class is a group work class absences are less than ideal and there is no need for an agreement because if I miss a class I can’t really make it up in any way. The DRC seems to think my professors just love getting bombarded with extra forms and that they have more time to work of the sh*t, which mind you they don’t! And neither do I!! I have to go back and get these 2 professors to resign a different form stating why absences aren’t makeupable! SO FETCHING STUPID!! Which the real kicker is I don’t even feel like I should have to fill out these forms but my university requires it.   Well there is my rant for the day, thanks for listening! 🙂



My So Called “Disability”

The week before a new semester starts is always stressful… Getting all your supplies together, buying college book, remembering buildings and rooms and such. Well to add to that I have to go and meet with Boise States Disability Resource Center. Most would ask now why would you need that? Well, in my eyes, and most others I don’t have what most would call a disability.

I have type 1 juvenile diabetes and for most people who don’t know what that means: my body doesn’t produce insulin and I have to give it to myself.

So, for a new semester starting I have to go down to the disabilities office at my university and have them write out contracts for my professors to sign in case of any diabetic emergencies during class or an exam. For me I think it is totally annoying, I hate feel in like i have an excuse for everything or am different from everybody else. My professors are totally cool with helping me out and everything though. But this is what I did all day Friday, sit in an office and explain my issues to a disabilities counselor so these forms could be ready for my first day of school on Tuesday.

After that I finished off my transfer applications to Loyola Marymount University and University of Southern California! Both schools are for athletic training and pre-physical therapy!  So we will see how that goes! CAN’T WAIT!

The Options

The future is the big unknown, right? Well, what would you do if it wasn’t so unknown. That is the one question everyone asks themselves and there is always a reply, but never an action taken.

My future (as of right now) has these options open to me. They all seem like fun opportunities and with the next week or two I am going to post a blog about each and every option with pros and cons. Maybe some of you will enjoy it and have advise or input for me, that I would greatly appreciate. But more than likely everybody will ask, why is she posting this, we could care less about some random college and how it might affect her. Sure that is true, but hopefully with writing down all of he facts I will get one step closer to finding what I adventure I want to strive for. So here they are….

1. Antioch University (Fall 2013)-Business and Social Entrepreneurship in Los Angeles 
2.Otis Art College (Fall 2013)-Advertising in Los Angeles
3. EOU- School of Nursing (Fall 2013) in La Grande, Oregon 
4. BSU- School of Nursing (Spring 2014) in Boise, Idaho
5. LMU- Athletic Training (Fall 2012) in Los Angeles with opportunity to get RN or PT schooling 
All of these very interesting and exciting opportunities how does a person just pick one of them?!
I also have aspirations to get into the WMMA (Woman Mixed Martial Arts) world with UFC. I know all the right people and have the drive to do it but currently where I live coaches and gyms are hard to come by. With moving to LA I would be in a better position to accomplish this goal.
I want to make my mark on this world but I just have to figure out the right way to go about that 🙂
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