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Why Conferences for Young Adults Seem Silly But Really Aren’t

There I was starting my second year of college with all of my life planned out in front of me, not letting anything change my plans, not even my type 1 diabetes. I had a plan to be a doctor, continue volunteering as a counselor at a camp for children with type 1 diabetes, and not letting anyone tell me otherwise. Until one day that all changed when someone very near and dear to me told me I need to attend a conference for young adults with type 1.

At first I was taken aback, attending a conference for type ones to gain more support just seemed so unneeded. Did people think I needed support? Did I seem like I needed help? I still do not know, to this day, the answer to those questions but I do know that attending that conference changed my life.

In 2012, I attended my first young adults conference for type ones called, DTreat and there I found my best friend. I learned so much more about myself than I could have imagined. I went in hesitant but came out with so many new friends and ideals on my diabetes. We learned about things like alcohol, stress, and relationships. Along with meeting some really cool people like Iron Andy! DTreat had changed me into a new diabetic and a new person with so much more perspective on life with and without my diabetes.

While there I learned way more about myself than one could imagine. I learned that I have a deep love for diabetes education and support. Needing support does not need you need help or are struggling but really its just a free pass to be friends over a common life struggle that then can form into so much more. Now days all of my close friends are diabetics that I have met through programs like DTreat. I went from being that girl who had diabetes but didn’t let it be overly known to that girl who is diabetes. Everything I do generally has some relation to diabetes; bettering my care, planning a program, seeing my diabesties, training a diabetic alert dog, and many others.

Since then I have been to many more leadership and young adult conferences for type ones that have shaped me and made me question my life plans like no one could believe. Some of those have included Students With Diabetes, DLead, and more Dtreat conferences. And yes if you can imagine that girl who started her sophomore year to become a doctor as mentioned in the beginning of this article has changed her major 5 times since then. I will now be graduating in May with a public health degree and starting my master in public health leadership degree in August. That girl who wanted to be a doctor now wants to create programs nationwide for all young adults with chronic diseases.

I have turned a negative connotation of ‘diabetic support’ into my life goals to help every young adult have the same opportunity I have had to gain that knowledge that I have gained through young adult conferences. I have grown to be a director of DTreat and could not be any more thrilled to be doing it!

Now it is your turn to experience this great conference in the way I have, not because “people think I needed support” or “you seem like you need help”. Attend because you deserve to come grow yourself and meet incredible others just like you, dealing with their disease everyday like you do, and not letting it hold them back one bit!! DTreat 2015 will be July 10-12th in Boise, Idaho. Find out more at


The Ultimate Fight

Every body has their ultimate fight, many even multiple fights. Their fight of a disease, for their dreams, for their family. There are many reasons you might have to fight. What is your fight for?

The title is a little misleading because I  have no “Ultimate Fight” but many smaller fights.

I fight for many reasons but mainly I fight for a future in whatever I want it to be, which is still to be decided.

College and getting an education is a huge thing to fight for! I know whatever I choose to do with my future learning and education will always be included. With a new semester starting I am reminded how much I love to learn and being educated.  Fight to be educated!!  Not everybody in the world has the right to be educated! So don’t miss out on that opportunity! It might be a challenge, it might be expensive, it might stress you out, but DON’T MISS OUT ON IT! EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

Secondly, I fight for my health! Health is something people take for granted. In other countries people die from things with think as not that big of deal, like the chicken pocks! Fitness and your health are both a big deal to living a long and healthy life! So when it comes to taking the elevator or  the stairs, choose the later. The fried chicken or the sandwich choose the sandwich. I know I’m not perfect but I try hard to not be the worsts. One time my doctor asked me “Taylor, do you know what it like to have diabetes in Haiti?” Me “Nope” Doctor “Well let me tell you. There is no Juvenile Diabetes, they al die. There isn’t insulin down there to control your blood sugars. They all die a painful death.” This may or may not be a little bit dramatic but either way it effected my immensely! I took insulin for granted but  not everybody has it. So, I fight for my health, as should you!

Lastly The Ultimate Fighter Season 17 starts tonight on Fuel TV and I am super super stoked!!! Team Jones or Team Sonnen! I am still undecided! I have met them both and have hung out with both so how do I choose between two of my friends??


My So Called “Disability”

The week before a new semester starts is always stressful… Getting all your supplies together, buying college book, remembering buildings and rooms and such. Well to add to that I have to go and meet with Boise States Disability Resource Center. Most would ask now why would you need that? Well, in my eyes, and most others I don’t have what most would call a disability.

I have type 1 juvenile diabetes and for most people who don’t know what that means: my body doesn’t produce insulin and I have to give it to myself.

So, for a new semester starting I have to go down to the disabilities office at my university and have them write out contracts for my professors to sign in case of any diabetic emergencies during class or an exam. For me I think it is totally annoying, I hate feel in like i have an excuse for everything or am different from everybody else. My professors are totally cool with helping me out and everything though. But this is what I did all day Friday, sit in an office and explain my issues to a disabilities counselor so these forms could be ready for my first day of school on Tuesday.

After that I finished off my transfer applications to Loyola Marymount University and University of Southern California! Both schools are for athletic training and pre-physical therapy!  So we will see how that goes! CAN’T WAIT!