kids with diabetes

Can You Be A Camp Counselor?

What type of question is that? There is a lot behind pursuing a fun summer job of being a camp counselor but it is indeed a life experience that I think every compassionate human should have. Even if you have no connections or desire to work with children it will be an experience you will never forget!!

Being a camp counselor teaches you so much from learning how to function on 3 hours of sleep, to dealing with multiple children and parenting styles to al creating you with the best family of all time! I have been a camp counselor for almost 6 years now with job requirements ranging from counselor-in-training, counselor, medical assistant and all the way up to Craft Director. I have had all of these experience with Camp Hodia ran by Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs. Never once have I gotten any monitory value out of it. However the overflowing love I get from it has no monetary value. The excitement of the campers, teaching them to take care of their diabetes, giving them a roll model, and giving them the best extend family in the world!

So moral of the story, no matter what you’re doing in your life find a camp and try it out! I promise your life will be changed forever!! ❤

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