miss america 1999

SWD 2013: Above the Clouds

I cannot begin to describe the Students With Diabetes Leadership Academy and Conference.  The learning, growing, friendships, and emotions are way beyond measurable! I am still trying to understand all these feelings. There is one thing I am sure of after this experience, I just spend 4 day with one of the most amazing groups of people that will change the world!

These students were not merely just students but dreamers, thinkers, creators, leaders, health care experts, dentists, mothers, siblings, but mainly survivors. We are all surviving a horrible circumstance, type 1 diabetes, but all of us are using it to benefit us through friendships, groups, camps, advocating, and a drive for a better future.   

I always find myself after leaving my DIA-Family wanting more, always feeling motivated to do better, always wanting to do better with my T1D, motivated to work harder, and motivated to prove to the world that We may have diabetes but we can do anything like Nicole Johnson did by becoming Miss America of 1999 or Sebastian Sassville did by running the Sahara and climbing Mount Everest or Ethan Lewis by showing us his drive to start a business against all odds that helps benefit people living with T1D. 

Now it is our turn to become those leaders and motivators of the future. We have a year until the next SWD 2014. What will we have to prove by then. Will we be advocators? Run our first marathon? Win a body building competition? The options are endless to show up all the normal people in the world 😉 

For all of us 14 interns for the summer… We are directly in opportunities to help mae a difference! Make sure to us these next 8 weeks to do so! I believe in all of you and all of us will forever be bonded as the first group of interns set out into the world for Students With Diabetes! We all will do great things! I know it!! 

Sunday at 12 PM we will said see you later, not goodbye. Goodbye means it is unsure if we will meet or see each other again. We will all see each other again, I am sure of it. We will see each other next year and changing the face of diabetes for the years to come. 

So see you later Students With Diabetes of 2013, I will see you again next summer! Until then I will be working my hardest to make a difference!