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My Sweet Bitches: Great bonding experiences to have with your best friends

Friendships are the same throughout your whole life. We all grow up and learn how to deal with them with more maturity (some of us) and seriousness behind them. Friendships are of the utmost intimacy. You talk about everything, heartbreak, love, death, embarrassing moments, the hardest decisions of your life, and much much more. They are ever changing. Some are there for the long haul and others are just there for a phase. Whatever it may be you best make the best opportunity to make it memorable. It will only come around once. Here are some of the top most memorable things, to date, that I have done with some of my closest friends:

1: Come up with a group name. We are the Sweet Bitches. By creating a name for you and your closets friends you are making it more memorable. You create a secret club and making it an elite group. Only so many people make it into the Sweet Bitches and understand al the inside jokes.

2: Drink and watch the classics! Like Mean Girls or Juno. Nothing brings about a great night of reminiscing about the old days, connecting them to the new, and repeating every line in a movie like watching an old movie with your best friends.

3: Find something that makes each of you unique. Everyone in your group has a different attribute they bring to each individual friendship and the relationship of the group. Make sure to be aware of that. It’s what makes your group and group. That sole factor can make or break the intimacy of the group. Pay attention to those attributes. They are more important than you could ever imagine.

4: Drink wine until you cry and talk until 7 in the morning. Trust me, even as emotional as that night may be it will bring you so much closer. Just the sole factor of feeling classy by drinking wine and reaching that new level on a friendship will make the lack of sleep and potential hangover at work or class the next day so worth it.

5: All spend the night in one room or living room. Some f the best nights you’ll have is all spent in the same room giggling and talking. That can be having a ridiculous number of people in one bed and cuddling or all sprawled out on the floor. Either way you’ll be creating memories you’ll never forget. And I must say, cuddling with your best friends is one of the best things ever.

6: Get in a group message together. You never really know each other until you have 24/7/365 constant group contact. Some of the great jokes, pictures, and things said will never be forgotten.

7: Lastly always pay attention to everyone in the group. Sometimes one of you might be more emotional or needing more love than another and it is your duty as a member of the group to notice everyone individually as well. This is kind of an addition to #3 and a life lesson combined. But seriously it is bound important to sleep remember each relationship along with the group.

Remember these times will go fast! Don’t miss them!